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  Lesson 1 - Video

In this lesson you will learn how to ask someone how they are feeling. You will also learn a variety of answers to the question "how are you?"

Melanie Jackson-Cracchiolo
Bonjour Mark et Anna!
Barbara Ware
The French r will take some practice!
Marie-Elizabeth Finamore
merveilleux! so glad i started at the beginning~ learned several new phrases already.
Merci bien!
Glenyce Bradfield
Great fun and really good to hear the pronunciation so clearly.
Radio Lingua Team
Thank you for your kind compliments, Glenyce. Glad to hear you're enjoying the lessons.
Sevy Singh
Sarah Clarke
Merci beaucoup pour la premier lecon. It is good to get started (and use google translate to see how words should look)...
Radio Lingua Team
Best wishes with your progress in French Sarah. We hope you enjoy the course.
Patrick Shoemaker
I just joined the course. I really like the structure and especially the idea with the video.
Grüße aus Deutschland ;)
Radio Lingua Team
Best wishes for you progress in French and thank you for your kind compliments about CBF.
Alan Mentzer
I am a visual learner so the video allowing me to see and hear the words is very helpful. Thank you for the multi-mode learning.
Radio Lingua Team
Sorry for the delay in replying. The notification system didn't allow to see comments, but that's fixed now. It's great to hear you are enjoying the videos and finding them useful. Good luck with the course.