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  Lesson 1 - Video

In this lesson you’ll learn to say “hello” and ask the question “how are you?” You’ll also learn some appropriate answers for this question, and discover more about Italian culture.

Trena Johnson
So you play the video and then listen to the audio on the next page correct? or is there supposed to be sound with the video? Grazie
Radio Lingua Team
Hi Trena,
The video allows you to see the words and phrases as well as listen and repeat as you learn. The audio lesson is separate, and as the name suggests, is just for listening, but you can pause and playback as many times as you want or need to. We hope that helps and that you find the lessons useful.
Kristine Rucinski
I'm listening to the "video" version of lesson 1 because there is no video...only audio. Very disappointing since one can get the audio version for free.
Mark Pentleton
Kristine, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Can you see the video above? Our videos are "words on screen" rather than live video of the presenters. By seeing the words on the screen as you listen you can understand much more of the language and of how Italian spelling works. If you can't see the video at all, perhaps there's a problem with your browser. It's possible that trying a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome would help.
Ann Scurfield
Good stuff. Very useful for pronunciation practice.
Titi Nxumalo
Very interesting, love it
goodevening i already have a year italian followed in a school and he beginning is of course easy
Scott Thomson
Hi, how do I download the video to my computer? I can only see a download link on the audio pages.
Mark Pentleton
Hi Scott. The videos are included in the "bulk download" option in the Orientation section. Hope this helps.
Scott Thomson
Eccellente, grazie Mark :-)
Kerry Embleton
I really enjoyed the first lesson and being able to see as well as hear the words and phrases is extremely helpful.